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Extending Rechargeable Battery Life

UPDATE 1-21-13: Having tried turning our chargers on and off out for about 6 months, I’m not convinced it helped us extend the life of our cells. In fact, it may have shortened them. I’ll leave this post online for those interested in the process, and I still think rotating them is a good idea. […]

Rechargeable Batteries: Year 2

These were the results of the 1-year test. OK, the title of this post might be a little misleading. I had actually indented to do multi-year tests to see how the rechargeable batteries in heavy rotation would hold up over the years. However, the answer is this; not quite as well as I had hoped. […]

Rechargeable Batteries: The 1 Year Test

Last year, I wrote a series on rechargeable batteries. I’ve long been a proponent of them, having started using them in wireless mics in 2006. In that series of posts, I did some pretty extensive testing to see exactly how long two modern, NiMh AA batteries would run a Shure UHF-R mic with an SM58 […]

Rechargeable Batteries—After the Switch

Almost six months ago we made the switch to rechargeable batteries. Next month, I’ll be doing some follow up tests to see how well the battery capacity is holding up, but for this post, I thought I’d share some thoughts on how our process has been working out. To recap, we have stopped using alkaline […]

Rechargeable Batteries—Making the Switch

After the last post on batteries, Dave asked a really good question: How does one get started? Other questions were raised as well;  How to you justify the cost of the charging infrastructure? How do you determine charging/cell capacity? Good questions, all and I will attempt some answers. First, some history. When I first started using […]

Rechargeable 9v Batteries—Q&A

Several people have asked if I will be testing and reviewing 9v rechargeable batteries anytime soon. The short answer is no. I only have one device (a PSM600) that uses 9v right now, and hope to replace that by summer. Still, I’ve used a lot of 9v batteries in the past, so I’ll put up […]

Rechargeable Batteries—Why You’ve Been Burned

This has been one of the most fascinating topics I’ve ever written about. As I’ve been Twittering and reading conversation threads on the CTDRT boards, there seem to be three camps of people in the rechargeable battery debate. The first group has used them for years, loves them and wouldn’t consider going back to alkaline […]

Why I Use Rechargeable Batteries

There was significant discussion on the CTDRT e-mail list the other day about the use of batteries for wireless mics. Many people suggested different places to get great deals and which ones they use. I suggested using rechargeables instead. That met with some resistance, much of it centered around a bad experience. I’ll say a […]

Rechargeable Battery Update

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about rechargeable batteries. Mainly because there was no new news with the Ansmann brand we had been using, and I wanted to try out the new ones for a while before giving an update. Thankfully, the wait was worth it, and this is good news. When Upper Room […]

Update on Rechargeable Batteries

Last fall I wrote a post on rechargeable batteries, which you can read in it’s entirety here. I know a lot of audio guys who don’t like them, or are leery of them (for good reason, they used to be less than worthless), but I’ve used them with great success now for almost 2 years. […]

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